Review – Maleficent

Mistress of Evil

“It really would be so much better if this were a nightmare and she could simply open her eyes and wake up.”

Elizabeth Rudnick

I received a copy of Maleficent Mistress of Evil from @scholastic_au for review.

This book tells the story of the events that took place in the Disney film of the same name. It was a great experience to read it as a story, especially since I also watched the movie while reading.

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Review – Belle Takes Flight

The end is just the beginning…

“Ever since she was a little girl, Belle had dreamed of travelling to far away cities and exploring the world.”


Have you ever wondered what happened to Princess Belle and the Prince after they defeated the curse that turned the Prince into a beast? Belle Takes Flight is just that, a tale of adventure and mischief. The Prince is being held prisoner in a faraway kingdom and it is up to her to go and get him back. With the help of her father and her castle friends, Belle sets out to find her missing Prince.

I received this book from @scholastic_au to review, it is a fun adventurous story written by Kathy McCullough about Belle and her companions.

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Review – The Beast Within

A Tale of Beauty’s Beast

“They were holding a mirror up to the monster within, which was longing to escape.”

Who loves Beauty and the Beast? I think as readers so many of us love Belle because she shares our love of books!

I received a copy of The Beast Within from @scholastic_au for review. Spoiler alert, I thought it was wonderful!

As far as Disney retellings go, this one is a pretty highly rated one for me. I absolutely loved how the author intertwined mythology throughout the story. Not to mention my girl Ursula had a cameo!

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