Snapshot Reviews – May

Hello! Welcome to my 2020 blog series: Snapshot Reviews. In which I give a short review of every book read in the previous month.

What a month may was, full of uni assessments, a birthday haul, new family members and a whole lot of reading! I participated in both Tome Topple round 11, and the Medieval-a-thon. Finishing the month off having read a total of 13 books.

** BEFORE I continue with my regular reading wrap up I’d like to say that it is incredibly important for us to use our platforms and voices right now. To help push the Black Lives Matter movement into the forefront of EVERYONE’s minds and hearts. Below is a non-definitive list of organisations to which you can donate your money and/or time to that support Indigenous Australians, and the black lives movement in the US right now.

Australian Organisations:

ANTaR : A national advocacy organisation dedicated specifically to the rights – and overcoming the disadvantage – of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

IAHA : Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) is a national, not for profit, member based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander allied health organisation and endorsed charitable institution.

Healing Foundation : The Healing Foundation is a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that partners with communities to address the ongoing trauma caused by actions like the forced removal of children from their families.

Indigenous Literacy Foundation : “Our purpose is to make a difference to the lives of Indigenous families by not only gifting thousands of new culturally appropriate books – with a focus on early literacy and first language – but also by running programs to inspire the communities to tell and publish their own stories.”

American Funds:

Black Visions Collective : Is “a Black-led, Queer and Trans centering organisation whose mission is to organise powerful, connected Black communities and dismantle systems of violence…through building strategic campaigns, investing in Black leadership, and engaging in cultural and narrative organising.” 

Action Bail Fund : Organized by Black Lives Matter LA, is supported by White People 4 Black Lives. 100% of donations go directly to support bail, fees, and medical costs associated with actions.

The National Bail Out : Is “a Black-led and Black-centered collective of abolitionist organizers, lawyers and activists building a community-based movement to support our folks and end systems of pretrial detention and ultimately mass incarceration.”

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