Review – The House on Hoarder Hill

“That was the grandest fun I’ve had in years.”

Mikki Lish & Kelly Ngai

I received a copy of The House on Hoarder Hill from @scholastic_au for review.

This book is described as a spooky, magical adventure.

It follows siblings, Hedy and Spencer while they stay at their Grandfather’s spooky mansion. They enlist the help of a talking stag’s head and bear rug while searching for clues to the mystery of their Grandmother’s dissapearance.

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Review – Poor Unfortunate Soul

A Tale of the Sea Witch

“Hate. Her magic was infused with it. And in that hate was a deep, penetrating sorrow.”

– Serena Valentino

I received a copy of Poor Unfortunate Soul from @scholastic_au for review.

Ursula has always been my favourite Disney villain, I felt like she was misunderstood, and a deeper dive into her character is something I’ve always dreamt of but never thought that I’d get. As usual, I absolutely loved how the author intertwines mythology throughout her work.

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Snapshot Reviews – May

Hello! Welcome to my 2020 blog series: Snapshot Reviews. In which I give a short review of every book read in the previous month.

What a month may was, full of uni assessments, a birthday haul, new family members and a whole lot of reading! I participated in both Tome Topple round 11, and the Medieval-a-thon. Finishing the month off having read a total of 13 books.

** BEFORE I continue with my regular reading wrap up I’d like to say that it is incredibly important for us to use our platforms and voices right now. To help push the Black Lives Matter movement into the forefront of EVERYONE’s minds and hearts. Below is a non-definitive list of organisations to which you can donate your money and/or time to that support Indigenous Australians, and the black lives movement in the US right now.

Australian Organisations:

ANTaR : A national advocacy organisation dedicated specifically to the rights – and overcoming the disadvantage – of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

IAHA : Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) is a national, not for profit, member based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander allied health organisation and endorsed charitable institution.

Healing Foundation : The Healing Foundation is a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that partners with communities to address the ongoing trauma caused by actions like the forced removal of children from their families.

Indigenous Literacy Foundation : “Our purpose is to make a difference to the lives of Indigenous families by not only gifting thousands of new culturally appropriate books – with a focus on early literacy and first language – but also by running programs to inspire the communities to tell and publish their own stories.”

American Funds:

Black Visions Collective : Is “a Black-led, Queer and Trans centering organisation whose mission is to organise powerful, connected Black communities and dismantle systems of violence…through building strategic campaigns, investing in Black leadership, and engaging in cultural and narrative organising.” 

Action Bail Fund : Organized by Black Lives Matter LA, is supported by White People 4 Black Lives. 100% of donations go directly to support bail, fees, and medical costs associated with actions.

The National Bail Out : Is “a Black-led and Black-centered collective of abolitionist organizers, lawyers and activists building a community-based movement to support our folks and end systems of pretrial detention and ultimately mass incarceration.”

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Review – Pistol Daisy

“The fire hisses as it burns, and I watch through teary eyes as it grows to swallow up what remains of the house. And there’s not a damn thing I can do.”

Natalia Leigh

I was very lucky to receive an e-book version of Pistol Daisy from the author in exchange for my review.

If I had to describe this book in a few words: A Snappy, Quick-witted, Shoot-em-up story.

Please be aware of potential spoilers in this review, I have not included any quotes or content from the latter half of the book, however there are some thoughts expressed that may be considered by some as spoilery discussion.

When Daisy Allen’s family is brutally murdered by the infamous Hopkins gang, she’s left with two options: drown in a bottle of whiskey and grief, or saddle up and hunt the killers down. Accompanied by strangers in pursuit of the same outlaws, Daisy takes to the Colorado plains with an old revolver and a hunger for revenge. But the Hopkins gang isn’t easily found, and as their pockets run dry and the trail goes cold, Daisy and her companions may be at the end of the road. She must learn how to survive in this dangerous world of outlaws and gunslingers, or her only chance at avenging her family may be lost.

*Trigger Warnings: Suicidal ideation, grief, attempted sexual assault*

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Review – The Colour Catchers

written by Johanna Bell & illustrated by Laura Stistzel

“Catching colours and waiting for the morning sun to turn us into gold.”

Johanna Bell

Violet and her Granna live in the bush. Every morning, they wake up before the sun and go to catch all the colours as they appear on the horizon.

When Granna gets sick, Violet decides to colour catch on her own…and discovers that colours can be found everywhere, even in your imagination.

I received this book from @scholastic_au in exchange for my review.

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Review – Belle Takes Flight

The end is just the beginning…

“Ever since she was a little girl, Belle had dreamed of travelling to far away cities and exploring the world.”


Have you ever wondered what happened to Princess Belle and the Prince after they defeated the curse that turned the Prince into a beast? Belle Takes Flight is just that, a tale of adventure and mischief. The Prince is being held prisoner in a faraway kingdom and it is up to her to go and get him back. With the help of her father and her castle friends, Belle sets out to find her missing Prince.

I received this book from @scholastic_au to review, it is a fun adventurous story written by Kathy McCullough about Belle and her companions.

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Review – The Beast Within

A Tale of Beauty’s Beast

“They were holding a mirror up to the monster within, which was longing to escape.”

Who loves Beauty and the Beast? I think as readers so many of us love Belle because she shares our love of books!

I received a copy of The Beast Within from @scholastic_au for review. Spoiler alert, I thought it was wonderful!

As far as Disney retellings go, this one is a pretty highly rated one for me. I absolutely loved how the author intertwined mythology throughout the story. Not to mention my girl Ursula had a cameo!

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Snapshot Reviews – April 2020

Hello! Welcome to my new blog series: Snapshot Reviews. In which I give a short review of every book read in the previous month.

In the month of April I read 13 books in total, they will be reviewed in the order they were read, beginning April 8th through until April 30th.

This month I also participated in the O.W.L.S magical readathon hosted by Book Roast on YouTube, and completed all of the prompts for the Mind Medic Career.

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