Review – The House on Hoarder Hill

“That was the grandest fun I’ve had in years.”

Mikki Lish & Kelly Ngai

I received a copy of The House on Hoarder Hill from @scholastic_au for review.

This book is described as a spooky, magical adventure.

It follows siblings, Hedy and Spencer while they stay at their Grandfather’s spooky mansion. They enlist the help of a talking stag’s head and bear rug while searching for clues to the mystery of their Grandmother’s dissapearance.

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Review – Cub

“You are who the other kids say you are. But I’m not okay with that. I’ll say who I am.”

– Cynthia L. Copeland, Cub
Twelve-year-old Cindy has just dipped a toe into seventh-grade drama—with its complicated friendships, bullies, and cute boys—when she earns an internship as a cub reporter at a local newspaper in the early 1970s. A (rare) young female reporter takes Cindy under her wing, and Cindy soon learns not only how to write a lede, but also how to respectfully question authority, how to assert herself in a world run by men, and—as the Watergate scandal unfolds—how brave reporting and writing can topple a corrupt world leader. Searching for her own scoops, Cindy doesn’t always get it right, on paper or in real life. But whether she’s writing features about ghost hunters, falling off her bicycle and into her first crush, or navigating shifting friendships, Cindy grows wiser and more confident through every awkward and hilarious mistake.

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My Personal BookTube-A-Thon/Biannual Bibliothon Combined TBR Goals.

I don’t make BookTube videos, but I didn’t think that it should hold me back from joining the challenges that happen.
It was difficult for me to pick between the two challenges that run through July, so I decided to merge the two and combine them where I can, without breaking the guidelines of each individual challenge.

Below is my combined TBR list for the two challenges, and with each book is the challenge I will be ticking off along with them.


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What is My ‘Why’?

 I have always written my thoughts on paper, I have always conveyed my message through my art or my writing, I’ve never been much of a talker (that’s actually a lie, I’m a chatterbox, I just meant I’m not great at expressing my thoughts and feelings in spoken word). I believe that beauty can be found in everything, beautiful things are not just pretty, I find beauty in sadness, in horror, in kindness and anger, there is beauty in sound, in images, and in words. What makes something beautiful is the energy and emotion that has gone into creating it.

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