Snapshot Reviews – January 2020

Snapshot Reviews (3)

Hello! Welcome to my new blog series: Snapshot Reviews. In which I give a short review of every book read in the previous month.

In the month of January I read 14 books in total, they will be reviewed in the order they were read, beginning January 3rd through until January 30th.

Book 1:
Growing Things and Other Stories, by Paul Tremblay
Finished January 3rd 2020, rated 4 stars.

The atmosphere of this anthology is incredible, it was the perfect book to start my year. For a short story collection to really succeed in my opinion there needs to be killer settings. There isn’t a chance for characters to be fleshed out enough to form a deep connection with them, so it is left up to plot and intrigue. This collection DELIVERED, Paul Tremblay nailed the eery atmospheric story in his work. I would recommend this to people that want to try Horror but aren’t fully convinced they’ll enjoy the genre. A great taste test.



Book 2:
Season of the Witch, by Sarah Rees Brennan
Finished January 5th 2020, rated 3 stars.

I am a huge fan of the Netflix series that this book was inspired by, it is set up to be a prequel to the tv series. I loved the characters in this, they felt authentic to their on-screen counterparts. However, the plot for me was quite forgettable. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for more Chilling Adventures content without being too concerned about what the book does as a whole.

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Review – Disney Princess A Treasury of Enchanting Tales

“The decisions she makes reflect her tenacity and compassion, as she bravely journeys to restore the heart of Te Fiti.”

– From Moana, Disney Enterprises


I was lucky enough to receive the absolutely gorgeous copy of Disney Princess A Treasury of Enchanting Tales from Scholastic AU for review.

This book is presented in a beautiful hardcover edition with metallic embellishments on the cover, as well as the hard sleeve it comes in.

It contains 12 tales based on twelve Disney princesses including Moana, Mulan, Jasmine, Merida, Aurora, Snow White, Pochahontas, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Tiana. This is the perfect addition to any Disney collecter’s bookshelves.

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A mother’s chance decision leads to a twist of fate that is every parent’s worst nightmare.

– Little Lovely Things

I had the pleasure of receiving this title from NetGalley through SOURCEBOOKS Landmark in exchange for my honest review. Little Lovely Things was published on the 2nd of April.

As per usual I have to put in a disclaimer to let you know that this review does contain thoughts and opinions that explore parts of this book considered spoilers. If you wish to avoid spoilers, I will post an abridged version of it on Goodreads.

This story follows Claire, the mother of two young girls who have gone missing along with the car they were in, after she makes an emergency pit stop at a gas station one morning.

My overall rating for Little Lovely Things is 2.5 out of 5 stars. Unfortunately I had a difficult time getting into this book and was delayed in finishing it, however I did pick up the audio edition on Scribd and ended up finishing the book in a day.

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“The clock is driving itself insane, going around in circles”

– Lorcán Black, A Lesson in Needle Work

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Rituals, released on the 31st of May this year, from NetGalley and the publisher April Gloaming Publishing in exchange for my honest review. 

I want to begin as always, by saying that this review may contain thoughts and opinions that could spoil the book for you. 

The blurb for this collection states that “Black’s poetry illuminates the wonder in all of us.”…”this collection fortifies our nature to hunt for a life worth living.” Which pretty much perfectly sums up how I felt about this work.

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“Music is what makes up the single soul we share. I don’t think I’ll ever find another person in the entire world who understands me the way Lea does. “

– Akemi Dawn Bowman, Summer Bird Blue

I received this title from NetGalley through Ink Road Books prior to it’s release in exchange for my honest review.
Summer Bird Blue was published on the 4th of April, unfortunately I was unable to get this review out until now.

My overall rating for this book is that it deserves a strong 4/5 stars. I found it both heart breaking and heart warming. For the majority of my reading experience I was completely wrapped up in the story. In my opinion there are only two downfalls to this book, and even then they are minor and did not affect my general enjoyment.

To be clear, this review may contain thoughts and opinions that talk about spoiler-ish material. I will do my best to keep it spoiler free.

Rumi is the protagonist of the story. She spends her time writing and playing music with her younger sister, Lea. In the beginning of the story they are involved in a serious car accident that results in her younger sister dying. After the accident Lea is sent to Hawaii to stay with her Aunt Ani and is left feeling betrayed by her mother. This is where she meets and develops friendships with her Aunt’s neighbours – Kai and Mr. Watanabe – who attempt to help her come to terms with everything that has happened.

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“If the decision you’ve made has brought you closer to humanity, then you’ve done the right thing.”

– Tahereh Mafi, A Very Large Expanse of Sea

Tahereh Mafi’s latest novel was my first read of 2019 and I am so happy I chose this as the book to begin my year with. I’ve never read a Tahereh Mafi book (despite owning some of them) and if I am being honest I picked this up from my local bookstore expecting something light and easy to read, the cover and spine caught my attention and that was all I needed to convince me, but it turned out to be so much more than that.

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