Review – The Colour Catchers

written by Johanna Bell & illustrated by Laura Stistzel

“Catching colours and waiting for the morning sun to turn us into gold.”

Johanna Bell

Violet and her Granna live in the bush. Every morning, they wake up before the sun and go to catch all the colours as they appear on the horizon.

When Granna gets sick, Violet decides to colour catch on her own…and discovers that colours can be found everywhere, even in your imagination.

I received this book from @scholastic_au in exchange for my review.

This story was gorgeous, Violet’s relationship with her Granna was so heartwarming. The Colour Catchers is a beautiful wholesome read, perfect for your little ones.

There are strong family themes, it uses nature, imagination and colour to explore the relationship between granddaughter and grandmother, it’s not often that I find children’s books that have all of those elements, so having the opportunity to review this was something I wasn’t about to pass up.

The illustrations in this are so wonderful to flip through, cute sketches topped off with vibrant, colourful watercolours that really showcase the beauty of the Australian landscape.

Johanna’s writing is simple and poetic and I think that anyone of any age will enjoy this adorable story.

I was so excited to receive this in the mail, my brand new cousin will have a gorgeous new bedtime story addition to her fast growing library.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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