Review – Belle Takes Flight

The end is just the beginning…

“Ever since she was a little girl, Belle had dreamed of travelling to far away cities and exploring the world.”


Have you ever wondered what happened to Princess Belle and the Prince after they defeated the curse that turned the Prince into a beast? Belle Takes Flight is just that, a tale of adventure and mischief. The Prince is being held prisoner in a faraway kingdom and it is up to her to go and get him back. With the help of her father and her castle friends, Belle sets out to find her missing Prince.

I received this book from @scholastic_au to review, it is a fun adventurous story written by Kathy McCullough about Belle and her companions.

This was a cute book, perfect for the little one in your life that can’t get enough of the story of Beauty and the Beast, it is a lighthearted fluffy story with a very easy-to-understand plot.

As a character, Belle was very true to the film. However, I would have like to see more of a focus on her and her companions and the journey they were on, rather than her endless worry over the Prince. Unfortunately, the story lacked in substance without the extra attention to detail that I would have liked.

I absolutely loved that Belle used her kindness and ingenuity to convince others to help provide new reading material to all of the Kingdom’s children.

Overall, this book was a 2.5 out of 5-star rating for me, I thought it was cute and I can see my younger self enjoying it.


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