Snapshot Reviews – March 2020

Hello! Welcome to my new blog series: Snapshot Reviews. In which I give a short review of every book read in the previous month.

In the month of March I read 4 books in total, they will be reviewed in the order they were read, beginning March 8th through until March 31st.

93154222_216360123016179_5337007249128685568_nBook 1: Not That Bad edited by Roxane Gay
Finished March 4th 2020, rated 5 stars.

This was absolutely a 5-star read, I usually find it so hard to rate non-fiction/ creative non-fiction on a 5-star scale. But this dug its claws into my soul and held on for dear life. I could not put this down, I listened to Not That Bad on audiobook for the most part and I replayed almost every single essay. This book has something very important to say, and it says what it needs to in such an eloquent way. I recommend this to everyone I know.

92709423_263579904676092_2903525937955995648_nBook 2: The Other People by C. J. Tudor
Finished March 20th 2020, rated 4 stars.

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember too many details about this, it has been a few weeks since finishing it and I remember how I felt while reading, I remember key plot points but not much more beyond that. I will say this was eery and gave me CHILLS. If you are a thriller virgin I would definitely recommend dipping your toes into C. J. Tudor’s writing. While I don’t find the book overly memorable right now, at the time of reading I was sucked in right from the first page. I rated this 4 stars and I think it’s one of my favourites from C. J. Tudor.

92959929_642073619709711_552838913211760640_nBook 3: Heartstopper vol. 3 by Alice Oseman
Finished March 22nd 2020, rated 5 stars.

This was exactly what I wanted from Nick and Charlie’s friendship/relationship, the work is fresh and relatable and I find that Alice Oseman’s writing style works perfectly with this story. I won’t go into plot goodness because it is the third volume and spoilers etc. But this is wholesome and wonderful so please give it a read!


92844426_2579065222353545_5533332751144452096_nBook 4: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson
Finished March 31st 2020, rated 5 stars.

Of course, I 110% expected to be blown away by the intricacies and subtle details of this book. I read Elantris in 2018 and decided that Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy world-building as a whole would probably be an all-time favourite of mine. Everyone raves about The Mistborn Trilogy, and for good reason! If you have the time to sit down and really let yourself be captured by an incredible magic system, and fantastic character building – PICK THIS UP. You’re welcome.


What a weird time it is around the world right now, Covid-19 threw a curveball at all of us this month. It was a stressful month, I’m sure many of you felt the same about March. I only managed to read 4 books (again), but 3 of them were 5-star reads! Yes, we love a great reading month. Hope you are all staying safe and getting plenty of reading done.


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