Review – Little Lovely Things

A mother’s chance decision leads to a twist of fate that is every parent’s worst nightmare.

– Little Lovely Things

I had the pleasure of receiving this title from NetGalley through SOURCEBOOKS Landmark in exchange for my honest review. Little Lovely Things was published on the 2nd of April.

As per usual I have to put in a disclaimer to let you know that this review does contain thoughts and opinions that explore parts of this book considered spoilers. If you wish to avoid spoilers, I will post an abridged version of it on Goodreads.

This story follows Claire, the mother of two young girls who have gone missing along with the car they were in, after she makes an emergency pit stop at a gas station one morning.

My overall rating for Little Lovely Things is 2.5 out of 5 stars. Unfortunately I had a difficult time getting into this book and was delayed in finishing it, however I did pick up the audio edition on Scribd and ended up finishing the book in a day.

My initial thoughts were that the premise of the story was intriguing. I found the first few chapters well paced and I was connecting with the story right from the beginning.

“If she played dead, maybe the scary people would go away.”

– Maureen Joyce Connolly, Chapter 5

I think that the multiple POV had the potential to really draw the reader in to the chaotic and complex lives of each of the characters following the aftermath of the kidnapping. However rather than doing this, I found that I began to feel disconnected from the story. The pacing started to feel rushed, the story jumped forward quite some way and then stopped abruptly. It was though each chapter was providing a snapshot of each character’s life rather than advancing the original plot thread.

“Goodbye Jay White”

“Goodbye Little Bird”

– Maureen Joyce Connolly, Chapter 16

As far as characterisation goes, I enjoyed the bond that developed between Jay White and ‘Little Bird’ the most out of the characters that the book follows. But I wanted more, there was very little exploration into each character aside from what was happening to them in the present moment.

There were various plot threads that the book explored that revolved around relationships and the characters’ experiences. This is something that could have worked out really well, yet it felt as though these threads had only just begun to develop when the story started to wrap up.

The way that this book ended felt very abrupt, there were so many character arcs that weren’t complete. I was waiting for an epilogue or something to explain what happened to everyone. The disappearance was solved, however it didn’t follow anything up and as a result, I felt completely underwhelmed.

“The path narrowed quickly as the dark bruise of the September sky deepened into thick purple overhead.”

– Maureen Joyce Connolly, Chapter 7

The writing style of Little Lovely Things was simple and effective. I listened to this book in a single sitting, and while the story itself wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be I found the author’s writing style to be enjoyable and I would happily pick up her future work.

In my opinion, Little Lovely Things had a lot of potential. It set itself up to be a great story, but I feel as though it didn’t explore its characters or plot deeply enough. Even though it did fall flat in this regard, I would recommend this book to anyone who is new to the genre and looking for an easy and interesting mystery/thriller.


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